About Us

Nursing Home Consulting is a company established by Timothy Murphy. Timothy in his role as a founding shareholder and former Chairman of Sonas Group Nursing homes, has over fifteen years experience of Nursing home financing, design, construction and day to day management.
He has been consulting to the sector through his company T M Consultants Ltd for the last fifteen years. T M Consultants Ltd acted as principal Advisor and Broker to Emerald Investment Partners in Emeralds’ acquisition of CareChoice Nursing home group in 2014 and the company has advised a number of Operators on the design, funding and construction of their Nursing home facilities.
He has over 20 years experience in Banking, Stockbroking and Corporate Finance in addition to his Nursing home sector experience. The company offers its design and construction services through partnership agreements with a number of professionals in the construction sector.
The company maintains a database of all the key market factors effecting the Nursing Home sector.
The company acts as Broker to a number of Operators in the acquisition and sale of Nursing homes.
The company has strong working relationships with all the stakeholders in the industry